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Tariff Classification Service from Beja Customs Brokers

Tariff Classification

Tariff Classification Service from Beja Customs Brokers

To properly process the correct code for your imported and exported goods and make sure they’re accurately recorded, tariff classification is necessary. Correctly suggesting tariff numbers to your freight is crucial in ensuring that deliveries meet schedule and additional costs, fines, or fees do not accrue.

Clearing customs can be a very efficient process when all the documentation is correctly completed. When customs agents find one item that does not have the right tariff classification, they usually halt the complete shipment, causing delays and additional import duty costs. Statistics show that as many as 30% of all tariff numbers are incorrect. In the case where customs do not discover an error, you still might overpay on the import duty.

How We Specialize in Tariff Classification

By choosing Beja to assist with your tariff classification, we ensure you only pay the minimum import duty due on your imported goods. Our experience in the industry has given us intimate knowledge of the process, so you can trust that our team understands the correct tariff schedule and how it is applied.


It’s Easy to Work With Beja

  • Family-owned and operated
  • Extensive industry expertise
  • Conveniently located in Atlanta, GA

What Makes Our Tariff Classification Stand Out


20+ Years in Business

Beja’s team of professionals are highly skilled and trained.


Significant Savings

You only pay the minimum import duty due on your goods.


Excellent Customer Support

Our agents are always eager to help you with your tariff classification needs.


New to Importing?

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