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US Duty Drawback Filing and Assistance from Beja Customs Brokers

Duty Drawbacks

US Duty Drawbacks from Beja Customs Brokers

According to the US Customs and Border Protection, a drawback is “the refund, reduction or waiver in whole or in part of customs duties assessed or collected upon the importation of an article or materials which are subsequently exported.” A duty drawback is a rebate you would receive on goods imported into the US.

You have the option to hire a broker to explain what happened regarding the drawback and get permission to re-export your item to get the duty back that was originally paid.

How We Specialize in Duty Drawbacks

Beja can assist in consulting on how to get the duty back, then facilitate the process. It’s a very detailed process that requires a lot of record-keeping, but we do it easily and for a lower fee than other brokers.


It’s Easy to Work With Beja

  • Family-owned and operated
  • Extensive industry expertise
  • Conveniently located in Atlanta, GA

What Makes Our Duty Drawbacks Stand Out


Lower Percent of Refund Charged

Most drawback companies charge between 25-30% of the anticipated refund amount. Our charges are less!


We File for All Claim Sizes

We file the refund regardless of the refund amount claimed. *minimal fee may apply.


New to Importing?

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