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Delayed Duty Payment Plans from Beja Customs Brokers

Delayed Duty Payments

Delayed Duty Payments from Beja Customs Brokers

A delayed duty payment is just that--an import duty payment that is made later. If for some reason you’re unable to pay the import duty (or duties) on time, Beja is ready to assist you. By making duty payments through Beja, we ensure the accrual of fines and fees for those who import regularly do not occur.

The interest fees attached to unpaid import duty and liabilities can mount up surprisingly fast. Unfortunately, the US customs service are unforgiving when it comes to late payment fines being applied, but Beja has a solution for you.

How We Specialize in Delayed Duty Payments

Beja offers a Period Payment Program to take the headache out of calculating the amount of customs import duty to be paid on a day-to-day basis. By paying Beja a regular monthly payment, we make sure your duty payments are paid on time and in full. We also offer over 45 days of interest-free float to cover import duty payments to make it easy.


It’s Easy to Work With Beja

  • Family-owned and operated
  • Extensive industry expertise
  • Conveniently located in Atlanta, GA

How We Stand Out


20+ Years in Business

Beja’s team of professionals are highly skilled and trained.


Monthly Payment Program

Never miss a payment, and never pay more than you need to!


Excellent Customer Support

Our agents are always eager to help you with your delayed duty payments.


Easy Processing

Avoid paperwork created by late import duty payments.


Significant Savings

Avoid fines for unpaid import duty, and budget more easily for your payments.


Quick Clearance

We help reduce your customs clearance time through our payment program.


New to Importing?

Let our experienced team answer any questions you may have, and show you how easy it is to import with Beja Customs. Learn More

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