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Custom Bonds

Customs Bond Agents at Beja Customs Brokers

A customs bond is a contract used for guaranteeing a specific obligation will be fulfilled between customs and an importer for any given import transaction. Its main purpose is to make sure import duties and taxes get paid. Using a customs broker to provide the customs bond is the best way to avoid the complicated administration of customs clearance.

As a full-service import brokerage provider, we supply all the administrative support and services needed to get your freight to its import destination as efficiently as possible. We also provide customs bonds that are up to 25% less than the competition offers.

How We Specialize in Customs Bonds

A Beja customs bond will allow your goods to be immediately cleared through customs without the delay and cost of port of entry storage. This happens all while customs clearance is obtained and import duty payments are made. We offer single entry and continuous entry customs bonds and can combine our customs bond services with other customs brokerage options.


It’s Easy to Work With Beja

  • Family-owned and operated
  • Great savings compared to leading competitors
  • Conveniently located in Atlanta, GA

What Makes Our Customs Bonds Stand Out


20+ Years in Business

Beja’s team of professionals are highly skilled and trained.


Significant Savings

Our customs bonds are 25% less than the competition offers.


Immediate Clearance

A customs bond from Beja allows goods to be cleared without delay.


Unique Offers

Combine customs bond services with our other customs brokerage options.


Excellent Customer Support

Our agents are always eager to help you with your customs clearance needs.


Happy Clients

We are proud to share our 98% customer retention rate.


New to Importing?

Let our experienced team answer any questions you may have, and show you how easy it is to import with Beja Customs. Learn More

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