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Put Your Goods in Good Hands - Choose Beja Customs Brokers

Your Goods are in Good Hands

Beja Customs Brokers is the leader in customs brokerage and importing solutions servicing people around the globe. To get your freight from point A to point B, and everything in between, we’ll help you do it seamlessly.

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Beja Customs Brokers provides customs brokerage, import, and delivery solutions for businesses of all industries and sizes located around the world. If you need a reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced team to ensure the smooth handling of your customs clearance and/or freight arrangement, Beja Customs Brokers can help you today.

Customs Clearance

Our team prepares, submits, and processes documentation electronically to get your goods cleared quickly.

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Duty Drawbacks

Receive a refund for your goods on imported merchandise that has either been re-exported or destroyed.

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Tariff Classification

We assist with HTS tariff classification numbers and the filing of binding rulings to ensure the correct duty percentages are applied.

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Customs Bonds

Beja can issue continuous bonds within an hour, single entry and ISF Bonds in a timely manner.

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Delayed Duty Payments

We offer regular monthly payments on your import duty to ensure every payment is paid on time and in full.

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Freight Insurance

We provide insurance coverage for freight from air, sea, rail and truck ports to the final delivery point anywhere in the world.

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Easily Upload Your Forms

Are you current or prospective customer and need to submit forms to Beja? Beja Customs Brokers allows you to easily upload your completed forms.
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New to Importing?

We make it easy.

Our team of experts work by your side and walk you through every step to make sure you’re comfortable with the importing process. Beja is able to offer door-to-door freight services.

Why Choose Beja?

Quality service you can't find anywhere else.

We’ve been in the customs brokerage industry for over 20 years and have maintained a client retention rate of 98%. Our unique list of services and competitive prices put us ahead of the competition.


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