Beja Custom BrokersNationwide Customs Clearance

Why Beja?

Beja Customs Brokers has been helping clients import their freight into the US for over 20 years. The business is a family-run enterprise that has developed customs broker and import services that are not only the most cost-effective you will find, but they are also supported by a close knit team of long-term employees who know the customs broker industry inside and out. Our dedication to providing quality import, customs clearance and freight insurance services has allowed us to develop a larger client base and through natural growth we have increased our service offering to offer a comprehensive list of customs broker services.

Fast Estimates

We are able to provide very quick turnarounds on quote requests as we have all the access and information about available freight insurance and customs brokerage options available electronically. We can put together a quote that includes any one or more of our services so you will know exactly what your import, freight insurance and customs clearance costs will be – with our prices we are confident that your quote will be extremely competitive too. Call us now Toll Free at 866-791-2649 and find out how efficient we are when it comes to helping our clients import freight and clear US customs – or simply fill out the contact form and someone get back to you right away!

Tariff Classification

Correctly assigning tariff numbers to your freight is crucial in ensuring that deliveries meet schedule and additional costs do not accrue such as for portside storage and administration fees/fines. Clearing customs can be a very efficient process when all the documentation is correctly completed but this requires accurate tariff classification. When customs agents find even one item that does not have the right tariff classification, they will usually halt the complete shipment causing delays and additional import duty costs. Statistics show that as much as 30% of all tariff numbers are incorrect. Even should customs not discover an error, these can easily result in overpayment of import duty. Beja has 20 years’ experience importing so we have intricate knowledge of the correct tariff schedule and how it is applied. We ensure you pay only the minimum import duty due on your imported goods. If you have tariff classification issues, please call one of our shipping experts now Toll Free at 866-791-2649 and we will make sure your use of the tariff schedule is correct.

Cargo Tracking

Deadlines are important for business to operate profitably and in our experience as customs brokers for two decades, we are painfully aware that we may be instrumental in ensuring delivery deadlines can be met. Beja not only uses the latest cargo tracking software to keep a close eye on your cargo, we also know what tends to cause delays and by closely monitoring your cargo, tracking it in real time, we can attempt to remedy them before critical deadlines are missed. Our relationship with all our suppliers and business partners has been developed over many years so in addition to our cargo tracking abilities, we are able to get intimate details regarding delays and hold-ups where many import agents will only have whatever their software tells them. We use this inside information to take action and circumvent transit delays. Beja are expert in tracking cargo, have many contacts and mature relationships with strategic partners so the imported freight we care for, is properly cared for.

Where Are We Located?

Beja operates from Georgia primarily providing services throughout major cities in the United States including Los Angeles, Atlanta,Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York,Norfolk, Savannah, San Francisco/Oakland, Seattle and ports of entry anywhere in the US. No matter where your imported freight originates, Beja is here to help you as your customs broker to offer customs brokerage, cargo insurance and provide transportation services so our clients have a single point of contact when dealing with all their freight import needs.


  • Current Member of the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America, Inc.
  • Member of the Greater Houston Coffee Association.

Key Reasons to Choose Beja Customs Brokerage Services

  • Family run customs broker – Zero employee turnover – 20 Years’ Experience.
  • 3%-5% typical saving on your freight costs!
  • 25% lower Customs bonds in comparison to leading competitors
  • 5%-10% less than the average cost of comparable freight insurance
  • No cap on freight insurance goods value
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF) – Beja offers customs brokerage for all ports of entry in the US
  • Importer Security Filing (ISF) can be taken care of by us
  • Delayed Duty Payments via the Periodic Monthly Statement program (PMS)
  • EDI Capable – Contact us for more info or call now Toll Free at 866-791-2649
  • Super-fast processing of shipments when you ‘fax-not mail’ your check
  • Over 98% of our new clients choose to use our customs brokerage services again.
  • C-TPAT Certified

We are very proud of our customer retention rate and we have worked very hard to make it possible for us to enjoy such patronage. This was achieved through our dedicated, hard-working customs brokers and import agents whose objective has always been to serve clients with a high level of customer support. We offer intimate knowledge of the freight import business and strive to pay attention to detail both in our interactions with clients and the customs brokerage services we provide them.

If you need the most efficient and cost-effective customs brokerage, customs bond and import services partner, call us now Toll Free at 866-791-2649 and we will help you with the best customs brokerage, freight insurance and trucking services.