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Power of Attorney

There are many times through the cargo shipping and import process that efficient transit is not possible due to waiting for officially approved documentation to be made available. Clients who experience such delays can avoid them by choosing our Power of Attorney (POA) services which allow us to take on the legal administration of your shipping, customs clearance and import duty payment activities. This simply allows us to complete import paperwork much more quickly and has no impact on your other interests outside the import/shipping process specified in the POA document.

Beja has plenty of experience in this process and access to specialist attorneys who have worked with us for years. We can complete legal administration related to your imports and customs clearance that will comply with the law in every detail and ensure you are protected at all times.

If you need to have your imports cleared quickly through customs, call us now Toll Free at 866-791-2649 and we will ensure you enjoy optimum freight transportation performance with expert import services backed up by Power of Attorney and experienced customs brokerage.