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Delayed Duty Payments

Forecasting the level of customs import duty to be paid on a day to day basis is a real headache. Our Delayed Duty Payments Service takes the pain out of import duty payments by allowing you to make a regular monthly payment to us while we ensure every import duty payment is made timely and in full. This prevents the accrual of fines and fees for those who are importing regularly and have a large inventory in transit to manage. The interest fees that can accrue with unpaid import duty and liabilities can mount up surprisingly fast; the US customs service are rarely forgiving when it comes to late payment fines being applied so taking out a Periodic Monthly Payments program to cover delayed duty payments is the answer.

Features of our Periodic Monthly Import duty Payment plans include:

  • Over 45 days interest-free float to cover import duty payments
  • Use our ACE (Automated Commercial Environment Account) if you do not have one
  • Avoid fines for unpaid import duty
  • Budget more easily for your import duty payments
  • Avoid paperwork created by late import duty payments

Call Beja today Toll Free at 866-791-2649 and we will help you reduce your customs clearance time with a delayed import duty payments service – keep your costs to a minimum and avoid import duty fees & fines.