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Customs Bonds

When importing into the US, Goods valued at over $2000 ($250 for textiles) and commodities subject to government agency requirements (including firearms and food) require a customs bond to be taken out so that the US treasury receives all due monies related to import duty, customs fees, excise and tax. To avoid the complicated administration of customs clearance, using a customs broker to provide the customs bond is the best solution.

Beja is a full service import brokerage provider supplying all the administrative support and services needed to get your freight to its import destination as efficiently as possible. We also provide customs bonds that are up to 25% less than the competition offers; this is a huge saving, especially for importers with a higher throughput of imported freight who need customs bonds frequently.

We are well aware of the cost of late delivery and the storage costs related to goods held in customs administration awaiting customs clearance. A Beja customs bond will allow your goods to be immediately cleared through customs without the delay and cost of port of entry storage while customs clearance is obtained and import duty payments made. Beja offers single entry customs bonds and continuous entry customs bonds and can combine our customs bond services with other customs brokerage options. We have over 20 years’ experience as import brokers and providing services such as customs bonds so you know you are in capable hands when you choose Beja for your customs bond needs.

If you need a customs bond that is 25% less expensive than the competition, call Beja today Toll Free at 866-791-2649 and we will provide you with the best priced customs bond available.