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Welcome to Beja Custom Brokers where you can find expert customs brokers and enjoy the most competitive prices and customs brokerage services available to US importers. We can clear goods through any port of entry in the US, with real-time freight tracking and expert support to ensure your freight reaches its destination as soon as possible with the minimum cost, interference and delay. We offer superb rates on customs bonds and can typically save clients a massive 30% compared to other customs brokers.

Our customs broker services address the most common needs of importers;

  • Successful Filing of Importer Security Filing(ISF) also known as 10+2
  • Quick, accurate customs clearance, customs bond and trucking services estimates
  • Customs Broker Serices available through any US Port of Entry
  • Real-time freight tracking that pinpoints exact freight location
  • Access to a reliable nationwide network of US trucking services
  • Experts in customs clearance to provide the best technical support

Beja Customs Brokers provides customs brokerage, import and trucking solutions for businesses of all industries and sizes located across the world. If you need to a reliable import who has the knowledge and experience to ensure the smooth handling of your freight and customs clearance paperwork, Beja Customs Brokers can help you today.

Call Beja Customs Brokers now at 866-791-2649 or contact us here and our experts will help you with all your customs broker needs.